Send a Personalized Gift

donates 5% of gross sales & 1% of gross wholesale sales to the Maximum Hope Foundation

(IMS Trade accounts do not apply since these are not cash or credit-card transactions.)

Two 3.8 cups bags of Gourmet Popcorn with Your picture, your personal message, delicious gourmet popcorn and shipped (to USA only) for only $16 & $1.00 will be donated to a non profit you choose from our list, using the templates below.

For larger orders and additional products, please contact us.

Additional Personalized Gourmet Popcorn Products:

1 Cup Party Favors $1.75 ea. 3.8 Cup Bags $5.00 ea.

7.8 Cup Bags $10.00 ea. 15.8 Cup Bags $19.00 ea.


$16 plus Free Shipping

for the products listed below

Step 1: Click on the template you like.

Step 2: Fill in the required information.

Step 3: Make your payment, email us the picture you wish placed in the template + the name & address you wish this sent to. 

Step 4: We will send you a proof so you can accept or decline the completed label. We will refund your money if you wish to decline. We will create and ship the item if you accept the label.